Last day to apply for 50% Right Issue of Gurans Life Insurance

May 15, 2019 Merolagani

Today is the last day to apply for 50% Right Issue of Gurans Life Insurance Company (GLICL).  The company started issuing 50 percent i.e. 2,960,000 unit of right shares at a ratio of 2:1 to its existing shareholders from April 11.

The company closed its book on March 20 for the right issue, thus, the shareholders registered in its book till March 19 will be eligible to apply for the right shares.

The interested investors can apply for the right shares from its issue manager Laxmi Capital market at New Baneshwor, Kathmandu and designated branches of Laxmi Bank inside and outside the valley. Moreover, the shareholders can apply from all C-ASBA approved BFIs and through meroshare software.

Presently, the company has a paid-up capital of Rs 594 million that will reach Rs 891 million after the 50 percent right issue. Moreover, the AGM of the company held on April 4 endorsed a proposal of further issuing 100 percent right issue.

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