Year End Government Spending Skyrockets

Jul 11, 2019 04:17 PM Merolagani

As the country heads toward the ending of FY, the government spending has skyrocketed.

As per Office of Auditor General (OAG), the government spent whooping Rs 14.15 billion on a single day on July 10. On the day, the government spent Rs 5.12 billion in current expenditure while Rs 4.65 billion in development expenditure and Rs 4.38 billion in financial management.

As per the statistics of June 16, the government was spending Rs 1.20 billion in current expenditure, Rs 885.7 million in capital expenditure and Rs 500 million in financial management.

As the end of FY is nearing, the government is spending Rs 4 billion daily in all three headings. Such expenditure was Rs 3.25 billion daily after June 30.

As per OAG, the government needs to spend Rs 235.38 billion in current expenditure, Rs 161.34 billion in capital expenditure and Rs 81.08 billion in financial management to meet the expenditure target.

The government has targeted to spend Rs 845.44 billion in current, Rs 313.99 billion in capital and Rs 155 billion in financial expenditure.

In terms of percentage, the government spent 81.08 percent in current, 58.91 percent in capital and 42.79 percent in financial expenditure.

Similarly, the government has collected only 75.95 percent of revenue in compared to its targeted revenue of Rs 831.31 billion. In order to meet the targeted revenue, the government required to collect Rs 199.64 billion revenue in next 5 days.

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Government Fails to Collect Targeted Revenue; Capital Expenditure Nears 70%

Jul 16, 2019 03:53 PM

The government has failed to collect targeted revenue in the current FY. As per the Office of Auditor General (OAG), the government collected 83.66 percent revenue till July 15, a day before the closing of the current FY.