Gurans Life Insurance Opens Bid for Unsold Right Share

Oct 19, 2020 10:07 AM Merolagani

Gurans Life Insurance (GLICL) has opened bid for unsold right shares on October 18.

The cut-off price for promoter shares is fixed at Rs 166 per unit while ordinary shares is at Rs 604 per unit. The company auctioned 337,565 units of the unsold promoter and 252,448 units of unsold ordinary shares from September 29-October 5.

It will refund the money of non-allottees in their respective BFIs account through IPS from October 4.


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Nyadi Hydropower Seeks SEBON Approval for IPO

Nov 27, 2020 04:46 PM

Nyadi Hydropower (NHL) has sought approval from Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) for initial public offering (IPO).