IPO of Shiva Shree Hydropower Get Listed in NEPSE after 1yr

Oct 23, 2020 11:50 AM Merolagani

NEPSE has listed IPO of Shiva Shree Hydropower after one year of allotment due to the dispute between underwriter and company.

NEPSE lists 14,764,000 units of shares of the company as per the Securities Listing Guidelines 2075.

Shiva Shree Hydropower issued  3,351,140 units of primary shares including 1,136,540 unit unsubscribed shares by local of affected areas to the general public from October 3-November 1, 2019. The issue was hugely undersubscribed that aroused dispute between the underwriter and the company.

The issue was underwritten by Muktinath Capital and CBIL Capital.


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Nyadi Hydropower Seeks SEBON Approval for IPO

Nov 27, 2020 04:46 PM

Nyadi Hydropower (NHL) has sought approval from Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) for initial public offering (IPO).