Asian Life Insurance Invests Rs 2.10 Bn in Stock Market

Mar 19, 2024 09:59 AM Merolagani

Asian Life Insurance (ALICL) has invested Rs 2.10 billion in various stocks in the FY 2079/80.

As per the 16th annual report of  FY 2079/80 of the company, it invested Rs 2.10 billion in stocks of commercial banks, development banks, finance companies, hydropower, microfinance, insurance and other companies.

Based on the fair value of the last day of the FY, the company is in profit of Rs 54.1 million which is merely 3 percent of total cost.

The company has made the highest investment in the stock of banks and financial institutions. It invested Rs 1.55 billion in ordinary and promoter stocks of 24 various banks, development banks and finance companies.


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