Seven Micro Insurance Companies to Issue IPO

Mar 20, 2024 01:39 PM Merolagani

Seven microinsurance companies established to operate microinsurance are preparing to issue initial public offerings (IPO).

The companies are one after another, approving IPO proposals from their annual general meeting.

Krest Micro Life Insurance, Star Micro Insurance Company and Protective Micro Insurance Company have already completed their AGM. The companies have approved a proposal to issue IPO through their AGMs.

Nepal Insurance Authority distributed licenses to carry out micro-insurance to seven companies. The authority gave micro insurance licenses to three life insurance and four non-life insurance companies.

Guardian Micro Life Insurance, Krest Micro Life Insurance and Liberty Micro Life Insurance obtained licenses to operate micro life insurance. Similarly, Trust Micro Insurance Company, Nepal Micro Insurance Company, Star Micro Insurance Company and Protective Micro Insurance obtained approval for non-life micro insurance.

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