CGT Paid by Stock Investors Doubles

May 22, 2024 07:33 AM Merolagani

In the last ten months period of the current FY, the government has doubled its income from the stock market.

In the review period, the government earned Rs 4.15 billion capital gain tax (CGT). The CGT earned by the government increased by 101.42 percent compared to Rs 2.62 billion of the corresponding period of the last FY.

Along with the government, investors also hugely raised their income during the period. In the review period, they earned Rs 60.39 billion from the stock market. As per Central Depository System (CDSC), the short-term investors earned Rs 34.98 billion income during the last ten months. Similarly, long term investors earned Rs 20.22 billion income while institutional investors earned Rs 5.17 billion in income.

Government levy 5 percent CGT in long term investment, 7.5 percent in short term investment and 10 percent CGT in institutional investment.

During the period, long term investors paid Rs 1.11 billion, short term investors paid Rs 2.62 billion and institutional investors paid Rs 51.8 billion in CGT.

However, the CGT earned by the government in Baishakh felt short compared to the month of Chaitra.

In Baishakh, the investors paid Rs 362.7 million in CGT which is 24.97 percent less compared to Rs 480 million of Chaitra.



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