SCB FPO shares allotted

May 08, 2017 merolagani

NMB Capital Limited, issue manager for FPO of Standard Chartered Bank Limited (SCB) has allotted the SCB’s FPO shares today. As per the capital, 10 unit of shares are allotted to applications till 140 unit of shares through lottery.

Likewise, applications for 150 units to 160 units are allotted 10 units each and applications for above 170 units are allotted 6.38% of applied units. In this regard, applications for 170 units received 11 units and the application for 25,580 units, maximum applicable units, received 1,630 units of shares.

According to the issue manager, 99 applicants received 1,630 units of SCB’s FPO shares.

Standard Chartered Bank had issued 25,58,140 unit shares at premium price of Rs 1,290 per share via FPO. The public offering was oversubscribed by 11.4 times.

Out of the total 2,21,613 applicants, 4,291 applicants were invalid.

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