Himalayan Distillery Raises Net Profit by Rs 70 Mn

Feb 13, 2018 Merolagani

Himalayan Distillery has increased its net profit by Rs 70 million to Rs 105.8 million in the second quarter of the current FY compared to Rs 32.8 million of the corresponding period of the last FY.


The company earned Rs 950.9 million through sales which is Rs 187.5 million growth than the review period of the last FY.

Similarly, its expenses have increased by Rs 37.1 million to Rs 506.2 million.

However, its other operating income has decreased by Rs 8 million to Rs 10.1 million compared to Rs 18.1 million of the last FY.

Although its operating expenses have decreased to some extent, its marketing expenses have increased during the period.

The company has Rs 1.25 billion in total assets while its fixed liability is at Rs 198.2 million and Rs 441.8 million in current liability.

The company that has a paid-up capital of Rs 385.6 million has EPS of Rs 54.42.

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