Sanjen Hydro allots IPO issued to EPF depositors

Apr 01, 2018 Merolagani

Sanjen Hydro has allotted its I phase IPO issued to depositors of EPF on Sunday. The company issued 7,117,500 units of shares which were applied by 185,035 applicants demanding 42,031,200 units of shares.

In the allotment, all 185,035 applicants were provided 30 units of shares totaling 5,551,050 units. The remaining 1,566,450 units of shares were allotment among 156,645 applicants at the rate of 10 units each.

To sum up, Sanjen Hydropower provided 40 units of shares to 156,645 applicants and 30 units of shares to 28,390 applicants.

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