Trading of Shivam Cement and Universal Power Halts in NEPSE

Mar 21, 2019 Merolagani

Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) has not been able to filter transaction of Shivam Cement (SHIVM) and Universal Power Company (UPCL) despite starting their trading from today, March 21. Both companies listed their shares on Tuesday, March 19.  

NEPSE assigned stock symbol 'SHIVM' to Shivam Cement and 'UPCL' to Universal Power Company.

As per a source, the unmatched order of these two companies in NEPSE online system halted their trading. NEPSE provides a separate new window to every incoming company, however, in case of these two companies, the system failed to use the provided window. As a result, the system could not filter transaction, informed the source.

NEPSE provided an open range of Rs 161.60- Rs 484.81 for the first transaction of Shivam Cement and of Rs 101.11-Rs 303.33 for the transaction of Universal Power Company.

However, the market depth displays the opening and closing range for both companies at Rs 464.

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