Shivam Cement Earns Net Profit of Rs 1 Bn

May 13, 2019 Merolagani

Shivam Cement (SHIVM) has earned a net profit of Rs 1.05 billion in the third quarter of the current FY compared to Rs 936.6 million of the corresponding period of the last FY.

The company maintained Rs 940 million in share premium fund and Rs 3.44 billion in retained earnings after issuing IPO to general public.

The company with Rs 4.40 billion in paid-up capital has EPS of Rs 32.09, net worth per share of Rs 199.88.    

In the review period, the company earned Rs 8.37 billion in sales and spent Rs 5.37 billion in expenses. The company that earned a total net profit of Rs 3.58 billion spent Rs 1.61 billion in total expenses.

Shivam Cement has invested Rs 4.36 billion in various assets of the company and Rs 3.36 billion in subsidiary company. The company has total equity and liabilities of Rs 13.32 billion.

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