Trading of Nepal Agro and Ganapati Microfinance Commences

May 19, 2019 Merolagani

The stock trading of Nepal Agro and Ganapati Microfinance has started in Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) on May 19. NEPSE have given (NAGRO) code to Nepal Agro and (GMFBS) code to Ganapati Microfinance.

The stock exchange has provided an opening range of Rs 103.48-310.44 to Nepal Agro. NEPSE listed 497,778 units of Nepal Agro shares including 161,778 units of general and 336,000 units of promoter shares on May 17.

Similarly, NEPSE provided Rs 78.90-236.72 to Ganapati Microfinance. NEPSE listed 1,035,000 units of Ganapati shares including 335,000 ordinary and 700,000 units of promoter shares On May 17.

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