Net Insurance Premium of Siddhartha Insurance Declines

May 22, 2019 Merolagani

The net insurance premium of Siddhartha Insurance (SIL) has decreased by Rs 37.1 million to Rs 656.7 million in the third quarter of the current FY compared to Rs 619.6 million of the last FY.

During the period, the company earned Rs 181 million in net profit. The net profit increased by just Rs 600,000 in the review period. The company earned net profit Rs 180.4 million in the review period of the last FY.

In the review period, the company earned Rs 211.1 million in reinsurance commission and Rs 69.9 million in investment, loan and other income.

The company with Rs 865.9 million has reserve fund of Rs 274.7 million, insurance fund of Rs 647.9 million and disaster fund of Rs 77 million.

Till date, the company issued 89,783 insurance policies and has earned Rs 1.34 billion total insurance premium.

The company has paid Rs 856.9 million to 4,925 policies while it has outstanding claim payment of Rs 608.4 million to 3,511 policies.

The company has EPS of Rs 27.87, net worth per share of Rs 215.46 and P/E ratio of 21.74.

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