Government Calls Agitating Party and Management of Tara Gaun Regency to talk

Jun 19, 2019 Merolagani

The government has called both hotel management and agitating parties of Tara Gaun Regency Hotel to table after the management shut down the hotel indefinitely citing employees protest.  

Department of labor and employment, Bagmati send letters to both parties to hold discussion on the matter to resolve the differences.

Although employees are ready to resolve the issue through talks, hotel management has been denying making it to table and urging employees to return to work without any conditions.

The workers of the Hotel had been in protest since June 13 demanding facilities and dignified environment to work.

There are around 400 workers working in the 280-roomed Hotel.

Association of hotel entrepreneurs such as Hotel Association Nepal (HAN) has expressed its sorrow over the shutdown of the services in the Hyatt Hotel and said it was effortful to make it operative.

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