Womi Microfinance records attractive growth in reserve fund

Jul 23, 2019 11:34 AM Merolagani

Womi Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha (WOMI) has increased its reserve fund by 250 percent to Rs 140 million in the fourth quarter of the last FY compared to Rs 40 million of the corresponding period of the previous FY.

The company that increased its net profit by nearly 56 percent is gradually decreasing its bad debt ratio as well. The company raised its net profit by 55.86 percent to Rs 62.7 million in the review period.

In the review period, the net interest income of the company increased to Rs 128.4 million from earlier Rs 84.2 million.  During the period, the company collected deposit of Rs 619.3 million, borrowed Rs 1.01 billion and extended loan of Rs 1.84 billion.

The company with Rs 101 million in paid-up capital is issuing 100 percent right shares from July 25. The company has reserve fund of Rs 144.2 million which was Rs 103.1 million in the previous FY.

The company has EPS of Rs 62.08, net worth per share of Rs 242.66 and P/E ratio of 18.17 times.


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