Prime  Bank  Logs Growth of 37%

Aug 15, 2019 01:13 PM Merolagani

The net profit of Prime Commercial Bank has increased by 37 percent to Rs 2.36 billion in the fourth quarter of the last FY compared to Rs 1.72 billion of the corresponding period of the previous FY.

Similarly,  the distributable profit of the bank also increased by 9.04 percent to Rs 1.60 billion in the review period compared to Rs 1.46 billion of the previous FY.

The bank with Rs 9.31 billion in paid-up capital has a reserve fund of Rs 2.60 billion.

During the period, the bank increased its deposit collection by 6.06 percent to Rs 77.04 billion and loan extension by 8.01 percent to Rs 72.51 billion. The bank earned net interest income of Rs 3.59 billion in the review period.

The bank has non-performing loan of 0.92 percent, EPS of Rs 25.38, net worth per share of Rs 145.72 and P/E ratio of 10.95 times.


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