8k New Faces Enters Stock Market In a Month

Jan 20, 2020 11:26 AM Merolagani

After a long fall, finally, domestic stock market is gaining some momentum.  The dim signal of recovery shown by the sole secondary market of the country has managed to attract nearly 8,788 new investors within a month of Poush.

According to the brokers, as the market is in an upward trend, new investors are persistently entering the stock market leading to augmentation in transaction amount as well.

As per Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE), a total of 3.29 percent of new investors entered in Poush by registering their name in NEPSE. The number of investors which was 199,281 in Mangsir increased to 206,069 in Poush.

During the period, a whole lot of individual investors entered the market. In a month period, 6,715 new investors entered the stock market. In Mangsir, the number of individual investors that was 198,043 reached 204,758 in Poush.

During the month, the market logged slight growth in corporate investors and mutual funds as well. The month saw 71 new corporate investors and 2 new mutual funds in the stock market. In Poush, the stock market recorded 1,182 transactions from corporate investors and 129 transactions from mutual funds.

However, the data provided by NEPSE might not be exact as an investor can operate through multiple broker companies.

Similarly, the market also saw a boom in online investors. In the month of Poush, NEPSE recorded 8.10 percent growth in online investors.

During the month, a total of 7,119 individual investors, 101 corporate investors and 13 mutual funds have traded through the online system.


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