‘Merolagani Virtual Trading’ to restart from July 1

Jun 30, 2020 05:09 PM Merolagani

Merolagani Virtual Trading’ which was closed due to closure of the domestic stock market because of the lockdown implemented by the Nepal Government to curb the spreading of pandemic COVID-19 is set to re-start from July 1.

Merolagani.com launched a virtual stock trading competition on January 1, 2020, in a bid to develop practical skills of stock trading among the wannabe and stock enthusiast investors. The competition that lasts for one month rewards the winners with Rs 35,000, Rs 20,000 and Rs 10,000 for coming first second and third respectively.

Similarly, those who position themselves from fourth to tenth can win Rs 5,000 each. The top 10 competitors will be distributed prize money worth Rs 100,000 at the month-end.

All those who want to develop stock trading related skills can participate in the competition. The virtual trading competition will help to learn the method, widen knowledge of the online trading system and develop analytical skills regarding security trading.

In order to participate in the competition, first of all, one will have to login in to merolagani.com. The participant can log in through their Facebook and Google account as well. After login, the user will have to go to a virtual trading option among others.

In the Virtual trading option, there are various tabs including portfolio, live market, buy/sell and others, through which one can watch the live market and give buy/sell order.

The participant will be given a virtual amount of Rs 1 million for trading immediately after login. The participant can use the virtual amount to buy their preferred stock. Through the buy/sell tab, the user can enter into the replica of the real market depth of the Nepal Stock Exchange. The user can buy/sell any stock by placing the order.

One can also watch details of their buy/sell in the ‘my portfolio’ tab. Out of the total participants, the name of the top 10 traders will be listed on the leader board. By the month-end, the top traders listed in the leader board will be distributed total prize money of Rs 100,000.

If the participant uses all the virtual amount of Rs 1 million and wants to still go forward, he/she can purchase the additional Rs 1 million per week by paying Rs 38.31 through e-sewa and ncell.

All participants must strictly follow the rules and conditions. Although the participants can join and participate in the competition any time, those participants who join the competition in the last two trading days of the month will not be counted in the top 10 leader board.

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