Stock Price of all Hydropower climbs above Rs 100

Oct 01, 2020 10:56 AM Merolagani

Until a few months ago, most of the stocks of hydropower companies were below Rs 100. Not only investors but the public had also distanced themselves from hydro stocks. However, in recent days, the price of hydro stocks has suddenly increased.

In the previous condition, the price of hydro stocks used to fall below their face value within the few days of trading. But now, the situation has changed. Liberty Energy that issued IPO in the last month drew more applications than issued. Currently, its price is at Rs 210 in the secondary market.

The price of all hydro stocks has climbed above Rs 100 in recent days. As per the trading details of Wednesday, Divyashwori  Hydropower has the lowest price of Rs 105. The price of  Divyashwori Hydropower once fell as low as Rs 45.

Among the companies, Chilime Hydropower has the highest stock price of Rs 510. Similarly, Butwal Power has 403 while the price of remaining hydropower is less than Rs 300.

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