CDSC To Allow Investors Resetting Password By Themselves

Jul 28, 2021 03:47 PM Merolagani

The Central Depository System and Clearing is adding a feature in meroshare which will allow investors to reset its password by themselves.

Purna Prasad Acharya, Chief Executive Officer of CDSC informed Merolagani that the CDSC will be adding the feature within this week.

The meroshare software has no such feature at present which has created a nuisance among the investors.

The investors must request the concerned depository member to change the password of the meroshare at present. Moreover, the presence of the concerned person is also mandatory.

Many times especially for those investors out of the valley or remote areas without depository members nearby experience a big deal only to reset the password of meroshare.

Due to such difficulty, many investors were even deprived of applying for IPOs.

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