Nepal Reinsurance Company’s Investment Nears 17Bn; 80% in FD

Sep 14, 2021 03:34 PM Merolagani

The investment of Nepal Reinsurance Company (NRIC) has neared Rs 17 billion. The company invested Rs 16.96 billion in the last FY as per the directive of Insurance Board.

During the period, the company invested in government bonds, FD of commercial and development banks, stock market, tourism and hydro infrastructures, mutual funds, Citizen Investment Turst and other areas.

The company has invested the highest amount of Rs 13.38 billion in FD of BFIs. It is 71.79 percent of the total investment of Rs 16.96 billion.

Similarly, it invested Rs 805 million in B level BFIs. Together, it has invested 80.24 percent i.e. Rs 13.89 billion in FD of commercial and development banks.

Likewise, it invested Rs 300 million in government bonds, Rs 94.7 million in ordinary shares of listed companies, Rs 1.56 billion in preference and debentures of BFIs, Rs 494.2 million in tourism and agriculture and hydro infrastructures, Rs 112.2 million in mutual funds and CIT and Rs 592.2 million in other areas.

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