NMB Bank Raises both Net Profit and EPS

Aug 04, 2022 10:15 AM Merolagani

NMB  Bank (NMB) has published its fourth quarter report of the last FY. As per the report, the bank has managed to raise its both net profit and EPS during the period.

The bank earned net profit of Rs 3.70 billion which is 36.53 percent growth compared to Rs 2.39 billion of the corresponding period of the last FY.

Increase in net interest income and operating profit can be attributed to the increase in net profit. The bank logged distributable profit of Rs 2.39 billion in the review period.

During the period, the net interest income increased by 15.75 percent and net fee and commission income by 38.03 percent. Similarly, its total operating income has increased by 17.38 percent and operating profit by 36.43 percent.

The bank’s paid-up capital increased by 12.50 and reserve fund by 16.06 percent during the period. In the review period, the bank increased deposit collection by 12.37 percent and loans by 16.41 percent.

The bank has logged EPS of Rs 20.15,  P/E ratio of 12.95 times and net worth per share of Rs 148.14.


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