Traffic Police Implements ‘No Horn Campaign’ from Today; Rs 500 Fine to Rule Breakers

Aug 07, 2022 02:14 PM Merolagani

Metropolitan Traffic Police Division (MTPD), Kathmandu, has reimplemented ‘No Horn’ rule from today, August 7.

Although The MTPD had declared the Kathmandu Valley as no-horn area from April 14, 2017, it was remained ineffective since long.  

However, Meera Chaudhary, Deputy Inspector General of Police has sleeved up to make the no horn campaign effective.

In order to make the rule effective, The MTPD has started ‘No Horn’ campaign from today under the coordination of Kathmandu Metropolitan.

In the launch program, Balendra Shah, the Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City said that the ‘No Horn’ campaign is being effectively relaunche. He also requested the drivers to travel being patient and without honking to make the campaign a success.

In the same program, Choudhary said the campaign is very crucial for the environment of the valley and  Nepal as well.

Drivers can honk the horn if the vehicle is in danger or in possible accidental condition and if serious accident and if the road in other end is not visible. As per MTPD only short horns will be allowed in such risky modes.

The ‘no horn’ rule is not applicable to emergency vehicles like ambulances, security personnel, hearse, fire brigade etc.

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