Investing Message to my friends

Aug 14, 2022 01:31 PM Merolagani

In simple words, investing is funding (money) to earn a financial return. But in a broader sense, investing is the dedication of an asset to attain an increase in value over a period of time. Yes, it requires a sacrifice of some present assets such as time or money.

Here, I want to give some messages to my friends out there.

In the 21st century, we all are actively involved on social media (Instagram, TikTok, etc). We are investing our precious time in such a thing. It's better to replace our investing sector from where we can generate a good return and gain knowledge. Here, I am talking about investing in the stock market. The stock market is a platform where shares of public listed companies are traded. It is a stunning platform from which we can generate a good return, and gain knowledge, and time to learn new things.

The first thing is starting from an early age. Yes, starting from an early age leads to more success. For instance, Warren Buffett (one of the most successful investors in the world) started at the age of 11and one interesting thing he said: " I was wasting my time before 11."  I think one of the factors of Buffett's success is he started from an early age.

So, why are you late?

Most of my friends say that 'I have no money at this age, when I will earn money I will start investing.' But this will be very late. Human wants are unlimited, more they have, the more they want. I am sure nobody says I am ok with money (exceptions are always there). I know at this age we don't have enough money but we have some. If someone eagerly wants to do something, nobody can stop them. Start saving from your pocket money and invest it in the productive sector. And one thing, to invest in the stock market, we don't need more money. We can invest from a small amount in the very beginning. If you are investing from pocket money, I would love to say you are doing great.

If we start from an early age, we can assemble more experience. The longest experience makes more money and more money makes more experience. Don't be afraid of executing mistakes. Every people will learn from his/her mistakes. So, build your portfolio.

In my case, I started at the age of 16. I am learning new things day by day. I will not say I am earning more and more money but I will say that I am building my portfolio, and somehow I am taking a risk. In the future, I am sure I will make more money from my longest experience. I am not wasting my precious time, rather I am investing my precious time in good things. We are energetic youths, the pillars of our nation. So, we have to build our risk-taking capacity. Don't be afraid to take some risks; you know higher the risk higher the return. It will even help you to understand things. You have to think as to what will happen if I lose some money today, I have enough age and time to earn more and to recover that loss. But I am not saying that you have to take risks beyond your capacity. Also, think about your proportions. But one thing, the biggest risk of all is not taking one. So, start from today, and continue the learning process, more you will learn, the more you will earn. Do not believe everything from others, do your research. The more you research, the better you become a learner.

I want to end this article with this quote;

"Nothing can stop you once you have a clear vision of what you want."

Rachana Gaire, CA Student

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