Resham Chaudhary released from prison

May 29, 2023 10:05 AM Merolagani

Resham Lal Chaudhary, former lawmaker of Nagarik Unmukti Party (NUP) has been released from prison today.

Chaudhary was released following a presidential pardon on the occasion of Repulic Day.

Chaudhary was serving life imprisonment at the Dillibazar jail after being convicted in the Tikapur massacre of 2015.

The government on May 28  decided to recommend pardon of the remaining sentence of Chaudhary.

The President of Nepal can waive the punishment of prisoners recommended by the Council of Ministers as per the right given by Article 276 of the constitution.

Article 276 states ‘The President may grant pardons to persons convicted, and suspend, commute, or reduce any sentence imposed by any court, judicial or quasijudicial bodies or administrative officer or authority”.

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