Sales of Micro Life Insurance Policies Up By 31%

Jun 02, 2023 01:30 PM Merolagani

Life insurance companies increased sales of micro life insurance policies by 30.99 percent to 4,195,926 units by the month of Baishakh of the current FY.

In the corresponding period of the last FY, they had sold 3,203,121 units of such policies.

During the period, the companies earned Rs 1.97 billion in total insurance premium, a growth of 680.97 percent compared to Rs 252.4 million of the last FY.  Out of total insurance premium earned, the companies earned Rs 1.97 billion worth of first premium and Rs 119.2 million renewal charges.

Among the companies, National Life Insurance issued the highest number i.e. 1,220,197 policies and earned Rs 651.4 million insurance premium.

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Commercial Banks Cut Interest Rates, Again

Jul 15, 2024 09:22 AM

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