Fonepay announces “Fonepay Direct: Paisa Pathau Thau ko Thau" Campaign

Aug 24, 2023 03:23 PM Merolagani

Fonepay has announced its latest campaign “Fonepay Direct: Paisa Pathau Thau ko Thau" aiming to make customers aware of transferring money from one bank to another with just a mobile number and bank name.

With the tagline, “Mobile Number Bhaye Pugcha”, the campaign highlights how transferring the money via mobile number is Instant and highly Secured, making it Convenient to all users.

The month long campaign, which will be kicked off in the month of Bhadra, offers mega giveaway of iPhone 14 to two lucky winners along with weekly prizes to other lucky winners who uses Fonepay Direct feature to transfer money within the campaign time frame.

The main objective of this campaign is to educate customers on how they can transfer money from one bank to another with Fonepay Direct, i.e. mobile number and also from account number and personal QR and help brand recall with its 360 degree integrated marketing campaign including activations at Bank premises.

Speaking on the motive of the campaign, Subodh Sharma, Fonepay’s Chief Strategy Officer said, “Fonepay is always committed to driving innovation and convenience, empowering individuals and businesses to embrace a more seamless and efficient banking experience. This campaign, Paisa Pathau Thau ko Thau, is a testament to this commitment, transforming the way we handle money transfers.”

Fonepay always prioritizes the safety of its customers’ financial transations and encorporates advanced encryption and authentication protocols ensuring a secure and protected money transfer experience by using mobile number only.

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