Hathway Investment Allots IPO

Sep 19, 2023 09:41 AM Merolagani

Hathway Investment has allotted recently issued initial public offering (IPO) in the premises of Global IME Capital, issue manager on September 19.

The company issued 2,427,750 units of shares to the general public from September 7-10. As per the issue manager, a total of 1,270,991 applications were received in the issue in which 3,282 applications were cancelled and 1,267,709 applications were approved.

Given that the issue was oversubscribed, the allotment took place as per Securities Issuance and Allotment Guideline under which 10 units of shares were allotted through lottery.

Out of total offered units, the company allotted 990,800 units of shares as per Securities Issuance and Allotment Guideline, 2074.

The allotment result can be viewed through the website https://iporesult.cdsc.com.np



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