Which Commercial Bank Outperformed in Q1?

Nov 03, 2023 01:40 PM Merolagani

As per the first quarter financial reports published by commercial banks, net profit of most of them has declined during the period.

Nepal Investment Mega Bank Earns Highest Net Profit

In the review period, Nepal Investment Mega Bank has earned the highest net profit of Rs 1.52 billion. A joint entity of the former Nepal Investment Bank and Mega Bank managed to earn the highest profit after their merger.

Similarly, Nabil Bank with Rs 1.46 billion and Global IME Bank with Rs 1.22 billion in net profit became first and second runner-up in the first quarter.

However, Agriculture Development Bank has incurred loss of Rs 1.21 billion during the period.

Meanwhile, Siddhartha Bank has earned the lowest profit of Rs 428.6 million.

Everest Bank Maintains Highest Distributable Profit

Everest Bank has maintained the highest distributable profit of Rs 4.52 billion during the period followed by Nabil Bank with Rs 3.32 billion and Global IME Bank with Rs 3.32 billion in distributable profit.

Interest Income and Operating Income

In the first quarter, Global IME Bank earned the highest interest income of Rs 4.80 billion. Similarly, Nabil Bank earned the second highest interest income of Rs 4.17 billion and Nepal Investment Bank earned Rs 4.16 billion in net interest income.

Global IME Bank Leads In Paid-up Capital; Rastirya Banijya Bank Keeps Highest Reserve

In terms of paid-up capital, Global IME Bank has the highest capital of Rs 35.77 billion followed by Nepal Investment Bank with capital of Rs 34.12 billion.

Standard Chartered Bank has the lowest paid-up capital of Rs 9.42 billion.

Meanwhile, Rastriya Banijya Bank has the highest reserve fund of Rs 38.20 billion and Machhapuchchhre Bank has the lowest reserve of Rs 4.91 billion.

EPS and Net worth

In the review period, Standard Chartered Bank has logged the highest EPS of Rs 34.41 while Siddhartha Bank and Laxmi Sunrise Bank has the lowest EPS of Rs 1. However, Agriculture Development Bank logged Loss per share of Rs 36.

Nepal Bank has the highest net worth per share of Rs 248.

Global IME Bank Leads in Deposit Collection and Loan Extension

In the review period, Global IME Bank has collected the highest deposit of Rs 443 billion and extended the loans of Rs 357 billion. Meanwhile, Standard Chartered Bank has collected the lowest deposit of Rs 119 billion and extended loans of Rs 79 billion.

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