Mandu Hydropower Logs Plain Growth

Nov 08, 2023 11:00 AM Merolagani

Mandu Hydropower has published its first quarter financial report of the current FY.

As per the report, it has recorded plain growth in net profit in the review period compared to the corresponding period of the last FY.

In the review period, the company earned Rs 251 million through sales. The sales income increased by 2.87 percent compared to Rs 244 million of the last FY.

Along with its sales, its operating profit also increased by 3.64 percent. the company that earned Rs 222.3 million in operating profit logged Rs 230.4 million in the current FY.

Meanwhile, its net profit increased by 13.32 percent to Rs 127.2 million. However, its EPS declined by Rs 0.10 to Rs 37.33. failure to raise profit compared to paid-up capital pulled down its EPS.

During the period, it maintained paid-up capital of Rs 1.36 billion and reserve fund by Rs 634.7 million.

The company logged net worth per share of Rs 143.55 and P/E ratio of 11.5 times.

The company is operating 22MW Bagmati Small Hydropower Project. The company has announced of distributing 10 percent cash dividend. It is conducting its AGM on December 1.



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