USD Reaches New Height in Domestic Market

Nov 26, 2023 08:53 AM Merolagani

The value of US Dollar has reached new height on November 26.

The value of USD 1 reached Rs 133.70 on the day. On the day, Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) fixed the selling rate for one US dollar at Rs 133.70.

 In recent days, the value of the Indian Rupee has weakened. As Nepalese currency is pegged with Indian Rupees, the Nepalese currency has also weakened compared to the USD.

 Appreciation of the dollar will increase the value of remittances sent home by migrant workers and income from export. However, as the export volume of Nepal is nominal, it will not be able to get adequate maximum profit from this.

The appreciation of the dollar will also hit the development works and increase its cost as the country imports most of the machinery and other equipment from foreign countries.

Appreciation of the US dollar would also trigger inflation and deplete foreign currency reserves badly as Nepal’s import is very high compared to export.  Devaluation of exchange rates will create an additional burden on the balance of payment.

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