Lock-in Period of These Companies Ending Soon

Jan 29, 2024 11:49 AM Merolagani

The lock-in period plays a vital role in the price of any stock in the secondary market. The price of stock that is in a lock-in period is comparatively higher than those of lock-in released companies.

Moreover, stock prices are prone to fluctuation during the end of the lock-in period.  The companies show price fluctuation up to 30 percent during the era.

In the next couple of months, the lock-in period of four companies is coming to an end. Among them, Green Life Hydropower will be released for trading at first followed by RuRu Jalvidhyut, CDEB Hydropower, and Tehrathum Power.

According to the policies of the Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON), the lock-in period of any companies is set to end after three years of initial public offering (IPO) allotment. Given that Green Life Hydropower allots its primary shares on 2078 Falgun 7, its lock-in period will end on the upcoming Falgun 7. In the last three years, the stock reached as high as Rs 633. Currently, its stock price is circulating Rs 250.

RuRu Jalvidhyut’s lock-in period is ending on coming Baishakh 3. The stock recorded the highest price of Rs 1,813. Right now, its price is revolving around Rs 716.

Similarly, the lock-in period of CEDB Hydropower is ending in coming Baishakh 31. The highest price recorded by the stock is Rs 1,365. Currently, it is being traded for around Rs 1000.

Tehrathum Power‘s lock-in period will end on the upcoming Bhadra 24. The stock which once peaked at Rs 824 is going around Rs 550 right now.

Apart from these, the lock-in period of Mailung Khola and Samling Power are also set to end in the coming days.

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