Sanima Bank Earns Net Profit of Rs 1.5 Bn

Apr 25, 2019 Merolagani

Sanima Bank (SANIMA)increases its net profit by Rs 370.5 million i.e. 30.75 percent to Rs 1.57 billion in the third quarter of the current FY compared to Rs 1.20 billion of the corresponding period of the last FY.

The bank earned Rs 1.11 billion distributable profit in the review period as per the financial report published under the NFRS format. The bank has the ability to distribute 18.52 percent dividend to its shareholders.

Similarly, the reserve fund of the bank increased by 15.77 percent to Rs 3.22 billion compared to Rs 2.78 billion of the last FY.

In the review period, the bank increased its deposit collection by 9 percent to Rs 85.26 billion and loan extension by 17 percent to Rs 79.13 billion.

The bank earned net interest income of Rs 2.91 billion which was Rs 2.09 billion in the last FY.

Similarly, the EPS of the bank increased to Rs 26.25 from earlier Rs 20.08 whereas its bad debt decreased to 0.12 percent from earlier 0.17 percent.

The bank has net worth per share of Rs 140.32 and P/E ratio of 12.11 times, base interest rate of 9.31 and cost of fund of 7.29 percent.

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