Online Payment for Stock Trading from Today

May 26, 2019 Merolagani

Following the integration of the interbank payment system (NCHL-IPS) of Nepal Clearing House with an automated online trading system of NEPSE, investors can now make payment through online from coming today, May 26.

The settlement link between NCHL and brokers was integrated to the system on May 23.

In the first phase, buyers can make payment of Rs 100,000 at one time. For the higher amount, investors can make payment in fraction.  An investor can make payment up to Rs 1 million from one account of one bank in a month.

Given that the system allows integration of multiple bank accounts associated with NCHL, if an investor has five bank accounts, he/she can make payment of Rs 5 million in one month.

While making payment through online system, NCHL will charge Rs 15 per transaction for above Rs 50,000 trading, Rs 10 for Rs 5,000 to Rs 50,000, Rs 5 for Rs 500-Rs 5,000 and Rs 2 for transaction worth Rs 500.

However, there is still time to receive payment through the system.  The stock sellers will be enabled to receive the payment through the online system in the second phase only.

In the next phase, online settlement of all stock trading will be possible through all BFIs associated with Nepal Clearing House. Along with this, investors can trade share in the domestic market from across the world.

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