Adhikhola Laghubitta Starts Issuing IPO from July 7

Jul 07, 2019 10:47 AM Merolagani

Adhikhola Laghubitta has started issuing IPO from July 7.  The company is issuing 400,000 units of initial public offering (IPO) worth Rs 40 million to the general public.

Out of the total offered shares, the company has allocated 5,000 units to employees and 20,000 units to mutual funds. The general public can apply for the remaining 375,000 units of shares.

The company has appointed NIBL Ace Capital as its issue manager. The interested investors can apply for a minimum of 10 to maximum of 2,000 units of shares.

The investors can apply from all C-ASBA approved BFIs and through meroshare software till July 10.

ICRA Nepal has assigned grade 4 for the IPO indicating below average fundamentals.

After the IPO issuance, the paid-up capital of the company will reach Rs 100 million while its promoter and ordinary share ratio will remain at 60:40.

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Government Fails to Collect Targeted Revenue; Capital Expenditure Nears 70%

Jul 16, 2019 03:53 PM

The government has failed to collect targeted revenue in the current FY. As per the Office of Auditor General (OAG), the government collected 83.66 percent revenue till July 15, a day before the closing of the current FY.