Surya Life Insurance Logs Impressive Growth

Aug 20, 2019 04:22 PM Merolagani

Surya Life Insurance (SLICL) has increased its net profit by Rs 87.3 million to Rs 208.6 million in the fourth quarter of the last FY compared to Rs 121.2 million of the corresponding period of the previous FY.

In the review period, the company earned net insurance premium of Rs 2.48 billion compared to Rs 1.66 billion of the previous FY.

The company earned Rs 453.5 million from investment, loan and other income and Rs 30.7 million from loan against insurance policies of Rs 460.3 million.

The company with Rs 1.26 billion in paid-up capital has reserve fund of Rs 390.9 million, life insurance fund of Rs 5.25 billion and disaster fund of Rs 77.6 million.

Till date, the company issued 376,967 insurance policies and collected Rs 2.55 billion in insurance premium. By the period, the company paid Rs 275.8 million to 1,774 claims. It has outstanding claims of Rs 26.6 million.

In the review period, the company logged EPS of Rs 16.46, net worth per share of Rs 138.49 and P/E ratio of 27.71 times.  


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