3 Dozen Companies Announced Dividend Till Date; Half of Them Microfinance Companies

Sep 11, 2019 10:21 AM Merolagani

Out of the total listed companies in NEPSE, nearly three dozen companies have announced their dividend by September 10 in which half the numbers are of microfinance companies.

Within the two months since the end of last FY, 19 microfinance companies, 7 mutual funds, 6 commercial banks, 2 life insurance companies, one general insurance company, one development bank, one finance company, one production company and one company from other category has declared their dividend.

Some of the companies declared a dividend of the last FY while some declared dividend of the previous FY.

Commercial bank

Till date, six commercial banks have declared the dividend of the last FY. Out of the dividend announced, the highest is at 21.05 percent from two commercial banks, while the lowest is 10.056 percent.

Microfinance companies

Among the microfinance companies, Mirmire Microfinance announced the highest 47.37 percent dividend to its shareholders, while Ganapati Microfinance announced the lowest i.e. 7.35 percent dividend to its shareholders.  

Mutual funds

Similarly, till date, seven mutual funds have announced the dividend in which two of them have announced 15 percent cash dividend and NIBL Samriddhi Fund announced the lowest i.e. 6.50 percent cash dividend to its shareholders.

Likewise, the other companies that announced dividend are as below;


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