86 Listed Companies Declare Dividend; 6 of Previous FY

Nov 13, 2019 10:42 AM Merolagani

A total of 86 out of 216 listed companies have declared dividend of the last FY by November 12. Among the 86 companies, 80 companies declared dividend of the last FY while 6 declared dividend of the previous FY.

The listed companies that declared dividend includes 39 microfinance companies, 20 commercial banks, 7 mutual funds, 5 development banks, 4 insurance companies including  3 life and 1 general insurance companies, 4 manufacturing, 3 finance companies, one hotel, 1 hydropower companies and 1 ‘other’ company.

Out of the dividend declared companies, 8 commercial banks, 2 development banks, 1 hotel, 2 life and 1 general insurance company, 2 manufacturing companies, 2 microfinance and one ‘other’ company has already endorsed the dividend proposal through their AGMs while few mutual funds have also distributed cash dividend to the shareholders.

Microfinance companies

Among the total listed microfinance companies, 39 have declared their dividend. Among them, National Microfinance has announced the highest i.e. 80 percent dividend while Ganapati Microfinance announced the least 7.36 percent dividend to the shareholders.

Commercial Banks

By November 13, 20 out of 27 listed commercial banks have declared their dividend, in which, NMB Bank has announced the highest i.e. 35 percent dividend while Civil Bank has announced the lowest 6.57 percent cash dividend to their shareholders.

Unilever, a listed manufacturing company, has distributed the highest 770 percent of dividend while Himalayan Distillery announced 102.63 percent dividend. Among development banks, Sahayogi declared the highest dividend of 19.3 percent.

Similarly, Janaki Finance in Finance category announced the highest dividend of 23.26 percent, Chilime in hydropower category announced 25 percent, National life in life insurance sector 14.50 percent, Laxmi Value Fund  and NMB Sulav in mutual fund announced 15 percent and Citizen Investment Trust  announced 23.06 percent dividend.

Those companies which announced dividend of previous FY includes Citizens Investment Trust, Lumbini Bikas Bank, National Life Insurance, Prime Life, Gurans Life and Neco Insurance.



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