Dhaulagiri Laghubitta Earns Net Profit of Rs 9.6 Mn

Jan 26, 2020 12:09 PM Merolagani

Dhaulagiri Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha that is in merger process with Aandhikhola Laghubitta has earned a net profit of Rs 9.6 million in the second quarter of the current FY.

The company that has not issued IPO till date has paid-up capital of Rs 70 million and reserve fund of Rs 61.8 million.

During the period, the company collected deposit of Rs 438.8 million, borrowed Rs 133.9 million and extended loans of Rs 770.9 million.

 In the review period, the company earned Rs 57.4 million in interest income and spent Rs 20.3 million in interest expenses. Meanwhile, it logged net interest income of Rs 37.1 million and operating profit of Rs 10.4 million.

During the period, the company maintained non-performing loan of 1.88 percent and cost of fund of 8.21 percent.

The company signed memorandum of understanding regarding acquisition with Aandhikhola Laghubitta on December 18. After the acquisition, the joint entity will be called Dhaulagiri Aandhikhola Laghubitta with paid-up capital of Rs 170 million.

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