Synergy Power Increases Net Profit by Rs 30 Mn

May 15, 2020 12:38 PM Merolagani

Synergy Power Development Company (SPDL) has published its third-quarter financial report. As per the report, the company has significantly improved its net profit during the period.

In the review period, the company earned a net profit of Rs 71.4 million compared to Rs 42.3 million of the corresponding period of the last FY.

Increase in income from sales and control in expenses helped the company to improve its net profit. During the period, the company increases its sales by Rs 27.3 million to Rs 168 million.

Similarly, its operating and other expenses decreased by Rs 10.6 million to Rs 95.5 million.

The company has paid-up capital of Rs 700 million and reserve loss of Rs 777,000.

The company maintained EPS of Rs 13.80, net worth per share of Rs 99.89 and P/E ratio of 6.66 times.

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Nepal Reports 259 New Cases of COVID-19; Death tolls 58

Aug 04, 2020 04:38 PM

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