Public vehicles to be allowed for operation with adherence to safety criteria

Jul 10, 2020 09:53 AM RSS

The government has decided to allow the operation of short route public vehicles with strict adherence to health safety criteria. Government Spokesperson Dr Yubaraj Khatiwada shared that the meeting of the Council of Ministers held three days back took this decision.

The government had decided for the partial operation of the public vehicles which are in complete halt since March 24 in the wake of COVID-19 menace.

Spokesperson Dr Khatiwada, who is also the Minister for Communications and Information Technology, however, said the public vehicles would be allowed to carry only 50 percent passengers so that it would help minimize the risk of coronavirus spread.

The public vehicles can be operated throughout the Kathmandu Valley, while in case of the districts outside, they are asked to limit travel with the district, he said, adding that it would however take some days for the preparation. However, taxies can be operated now onwards.

It was also decided to allow the operation of the private vehicles in odd-even system within the district. The private vehicles can carry two persons except driver maintaining odd-even rotation. Two-wheelers are also to follow the odd-even rule.

According to the government's decision, only 50 percent of passengers are allowed to travel on a vehicle. Only a passenger is allowed in the first row by maintaining social distancing. Facemasks, sanitizers and gloves are mandatory for passengers and vehicle staff.

Until July 21, an additional 50 percent transport fare set by the government can be charged on other vehicles except for taxies. Likewise, vehicles belonging to industries, institutions and private service providers are allowed to carry only staff in the first row.

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