Sadhana Laghubitta Allots IPO, 381,000 Applicants Left Empty Handed

Jul 13, 2020 06:03 PM Merolagani

Sadhana Laghubitta has allotted initial public offering (IPO) today, July 13. The allotment that took place in Global IME Capital, Jamal left 381,677 applicants empty-handed.

Meanwhile, only 66,152 applicants were provided 10 units of shares through the lottery.

Sadhana Laghubitta issued 707,800 units of IPO worth Rs 70.780 million to the general public from July 5-8. Out of the total offering, the company allocated 0.50 percent of issued capital i.e. 10,890 units for employees and 5 percent i.e. 35,390 units to mutual funds. The general public was issued the remaining 661,520 units of shares.

According to the capital, more than 85 percent of total applicants have been left empty-handed in the allocation. A total of 448,660 applications have been received for 19,147,600 units of shares. Similarly, 791 applications were canceled due to errors.  

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