Net Profit of Deprosc Laghubitta decreases despite recovering 1 bn in bad debt

Aug 13, 2020 01:22 PM Merolagani

Deprosc Laghubitta (DDBL) has managed to recover Rs 1.18 billion in bad debt in the fourth quarter of the last FY. However, the net profit of the company has decreased compared to the corresponding period of the previous FY.

The company earned a net profit of Rs 274.9 million in the review period. The net profit decreased by 36.07 percent compared to Rs 430.2 million of the previous FY.

The non-performing loan which was 0.84 percent in the previous FY has increased to 2.47 percent in the last FY. Due to which, the company has maintained provision for possible losses of Rs 1.32 billion compared to Rs 140 million of the previous FY.

In the review period, the company incurred operating loss of Rs 721.3 million.  During the period, the company borrowed Rs 6.50 billion, collected deposit of Rs 4.93 billion and extended loan of Rs 11.54 billion. The company earned Rs 959.7 million in net interest income.

The company with Rs 1.54 billion in paid-up capital has reserve fund of Rs 833.1 million. The company logged EPS of Rs 27.35and P/E ratio of 12.98 times.

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