Net Profit of Taragaun Regency Decreases

Sep 14, 2018 Merolagani

Despite a growth in business by 2.85 percent, Taragaun Regency Hotels (TRH) has recorded a decrease in its net profit by 8.44 percent. In the last FY, the income of the company increased by Rs 50 million to Rs 1.47 billion from earlier Rs 1.42 billion, however, its net profit decreased by Rs 23.7 million to Rs 257 million from earlier Rs 280.7 million.

According to the hotel, closure of banquet hall and meeting hall for structural changes and construction has caused the decrease in its net profit. Moreover, increase in administrative, general and other operating expenses also attributed the decline.

In the last FY, the company earned a total income of Rs 1.47 billion including operating income of Rs 1.32 billion and Rs 147.8 million from other sources. Such income was Rs 1.42 billion in the previous FY.

The company has share capital of Rs 1.88 billion and reserve fund of Rs 430.3 million. The company has EPS of Rs 13.63, net worth per share of Rs 128 and P/E ratio of 20.11 times.


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