NIC Asia Capital Starts Issuing NIC Asia Dynamic Debt Fund

Nov 27, 2020 09:53 AM Merolagani

NIC Asia Capital, a subsidiary company of NIC Asia Bank has started issuing NIC Asia Dynamic Debt Fund from November 27.

The company is issuing 50 million units of mutual fund units with a face value of Rs 10 worth Rs 500 million.

Out of the total offered units, the capital has allocated 15 percent i.e. 7.5 million units to NIC Asia Bank. Out of the remaining 42.5 million, the capital is issuing 12.5 million units to the general public in the first phase.

The issue will close early on December 1 and lately on December 11. The interested investors can apply for a minimum of 100 and maximum of 5 million units of mutual fund.

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